Webinar: Defining R&D lab’s strategic direction in the years to come

Digital transformation, new data management developments, FAIR and leveraging the value of data.

June 29th 2021, 8am New York / 1pm London / 10pm Melbourne

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About the webinar

Upon the upcoming book release: Digital Transformation of the Laboratory: A Practical Guide to the Connected Lab, Wiley Inc.; industry experts and book authors will address the R&D lab’s strategic directions in the years to come.

Webinar agenda

Lab environment is changing and SME biotech sector is expected to be the biggest contributor to life sciences innovation. In this section the panel will adress the 5 main drivers of change and the factors that will define success of industry research labs in the years to come.

Leveraging the value of data in the hypothesis driven, research lab, and data in the protocol driven lab.

The lab can play a key role in preparing for data to be made FAIR, thereby enabling maximum reuse of the data.

Discussion & addressing the questions from the audience.

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Expert panel at this webinar almost needs no introduction

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