Managing bioreactor batches

Your lab is similar to this scenario:

You are working on product development as well as research that your team is publishing in established journals. You are focused on a new generation of science-based health technologies and are using bioreactors for research, batch optimization or upscaling purposes. Quality assurance, traceability and data management are of great importance. 

Size: medium sized industry lab

Keywords describing the example: bioreactor, batch management, pharma, CRO.

Suggested SciNote structure – example of managing the bioreactor batch:

1. Team: For you, the team is your lab team. People who work on different (or same) projects and collaborate when needed.

For you, the team is your lab team. People who work on different (or same) projects and collaborate when needed.

A project is a bioreactor batch. For each new batch, you can create a new project.

Experiment is the selected week. Experiments can be copied as templates if your work is repetitive. You can create as many experiments as you need.

Tasks are time points (T0, T24h, T48h) and they contain the information about the work being done.

To sum it up, your SciNote structure could be

Team 1: Your lab team

Project(s): Protein production / or Bioreactor batch production

Bioreactor production

Experiment(s): Week in a year

Task(s): Time point (s) (T0, T24h, T48h)

Week 8

Examples of additional functionalities that are helpful:

Inventory management

Inventories in SciNote are lists (repositories, libraries) of whatever you need e.g., files, samples, equipment, reagents or something completely different. They are completely editable so your columns can contain names, ID codes, barcodes, files, dates and more.  You can always add a new batch to the inventory and then assign it to the task within the experiment. This means you will always have the full history of what has been done with each batch, one click away.

Copy as template: When your next batch is ready, you can copy the experiment as a template and reuse it, or copy one or all tasks as templates.

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