Effective date: April 20th 2020


What is this document about?

At SciNote, We believe that protection of personal data is one of the most important rights of any individual. We also believe that transparency is the first step towards that protection.

This Users Privacy Policy, for which We also use the term“Privacy Policy”, strives to give Users an overview of personal data being processed by Us (how and why We process your personal data), as well as to inform you about the rights granted to you under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These rights give you the chance to have control over your personal data, therefore it’s important you are aware of their existence and application.

While preparing this document, it was Our goal to provide you with this overview in plain and simple language, avoiding the unnecessary legal jargon usually used in such documents. In places where We fail to do so, We are happy to provide you with additional explanation.


For all definitions used in this document (such as Users), please refer to the definitions and meanings in SciNote Terms of Service, as the terms used in this Privacy policy have the same meaning, if not otherwise specified.

Additionally, the word“you”is used as a substitute for Users in this Privacy Policy.

Who is this document for?

This document refers to the processing of personal data of Our Users (and Customers, if ever applicable). For individuals who have provided Us their personal data on Our website, the Website Privacy Policy applies. Please note that the processing described in this Users Privacy Policy and in Website Privacy Policy are not mutually exclusive.

Important notice:The usage of SciNote ELN is not meant for children, therefore you must be at least 16 years of age at the moment you create your account (or between 13 and 16, if the legislation that applies in your country has a lower age limit).

2. DATA CONTROLLER – Who are We and how can you contact us?

In most cases associated with the usage of Our Software – SciNote ELN, We are the data controller since We define the purposes (why) and means (how) for processing your personal data.

Company identity and contact details:


3000 Parmenter Street,

Middleton, Wisconsin 53562, USA

POB 620828

Data Protection Officer:

Designated e-mail address for privacy related matters is , which is managed by Our Data Protection Officer identified below.

Erik Kenda

Principal Quality Engineer & DPO

Since We are a company incorporated in the United States, We also have a representative in the European Union for privacy related matters:


Koprska 98, 1000 Ljubljana,


If there is a registered SciNote subsidiary in the EU, such subsidiary shall act as a representative instead.


This article describes which personal data is collected from you, its purpose, types of processing and their legal basis. We have divided them into several different categories to provide you with a better overview.

Some of the data is processed with the help of cookies (for example log-in sessions) or other similar identifiers.

Please refer to Our Cookie Policy for an overview of how We collect and use cookies.


  • Sign up form

At the time you create your SciNote User Account, We collect the following personal data from you which is technically needed for the account to be created and used according to its primary functionality:

Full name (name and surname)

E-mail address (which will be used as your primary Username)


Team name (for Free Users)

and some other information which we might add from time to time, but will always be visible to you on the sign-up form.

This also includes information regarding your association to a Customer and the Plan you are as a User subscribed to.

  • LinkedIn sign-in

When you are creating your account, you also have a chance to “sign-in with LinkedIn”, in which case you can choose to give your consent to LinkedIn for sending Us the personal data (including your profile picture) needed for creating a SciNote User Account. If you use this option, you log-in to your account with the help of a special identifier connecting your LinkedIn and SciNote User Account, therefore no password is required. We store this identifier in a similar way We would otherwise store your password.

This applies also to any other potential future third-party sign-ins that We may make available to you.

  • Gilson – SciNote integration (or other Connected accounts)

If you create your account through any Gilson mobile application (e.g. Pipette Pilot, Pipette Scope), where both Gilson Connect and SciNote User Accounts are created at the same time, an additional personal identifier is stored by us. The purpose of this identifier is to link your SciNote and Gilson Connect accounts, enabling you to share data between them in the scope of Our integration.

The same logic applies if you link accounts at a later time or for any other integration with regards to Connected accounts, but the personal data processed due to such Connected accounts may vary on such third-party provider.

  • Forms within the Software

We may ask you to provide Us some information related to your purpose of the Software usage (e.g. what field or industry you work in, your location, your job position, which other Users you invited etc.) or perform some actions (e.g. provide feedback). Such data helps us understand purpose for which the Software is used and optimize it or Our business accordingly.

Sometimes this forms also collect personal data that are needed by Us to perform our obligation (e.g. we need your billing information, so we can upgrade your account).

  • User to User invitations

You can also invite other people to create a SciNote User Account and/or join the Workspace, for which you need to type in their e-mail so We can send them the invitation link. We may send them reminders to create their Account.

If you are a person whose e-mail address has been provided to Us via such invitation, We process your personal data as described in the Website privacy policy, until and if you also create a SciNote ELN User Account, when also this Privacy Policy shall apply.

All such data described above and all potential future changes you make to such data(“Account data”) is primarily processed on the legal basis performance of a Contract, which becomes effective when you create a SciNote ELN User Account.

Some Account data (such as data from in – Software forms) may be also be processed for the purpose of business optimization purposes, and is therefore processed based on legitimate interest. Sometimes the same data can be used for different purposes, each such processing having a different legal basis.


We also collect data, which We associate with your User Account data and is related to your SciNote ELN activity and/or usage. Examples of such information are:

  • Information related to your activity and usage of Our software – this includes information like which features you use, how often you use them, number of log-ins, general activity, Connected accounts etc.;
  • Information on associated User Accounts and Customers, meaning which SciNote Users and which Customers are connected through the same Workspaces (“Associated accounts”);

Some of Activity data is processed so We can provide Our Services to you (performance of a contract) and some is needed to keep improving Our product, business and Services, as well as statistical purposes of Our Software usage (legitimate interest). Sometimes the same data can be used for different purposes, each such processing having a different legal basis.

As SciNote ELN may be used as a collaborative tool, some of this information is also needed for the basic functionalities like Notifications and Activity features, where this Activity data might be shared between Associated Accounts.

If We ever disclose this information to third-parties, it is always in an aggregated, anonymous way, hence does not fall under privacy protection and processing.


  • Personal data collected when we’re corresponding by e-mail:

We have several e-mails available online where you can reach out to Us and We process this data by the help of data processors for optimizing Our business processes and improving efficiency of Our interactions with you.

For example, whenever you are using Our Support (for example by sending an e-mail designated for support services or posting questions to Our live chat), this data is automatically processed also by our customer support platform so we can provide our support in the optimal way.

We also process the data related to your response to Our communication (which e-mails you opened, which links you clicked etc.), which helps us optimize our future communications.

  • Personal data collected through (online) calls and meetings

We sometimes offer online calls as part of our service, where we collect data that you share with us. For example, you may tell us about your work, your satisfaction and your needs regarding SciNote ELN.

The data described in 3.3. is processed based on Our legitimate interest to manage our Customer and User relationships in accordance with general business and industry practices.


SciNote was built as a tool to help you store and manage (scientific) data and the work related to it. As a User of SciNote ELN you are therefore given the option to input, upload, or store in SciNote ELN any text, image, file and other type of data and We refer to that all such content related to the Workspace as research data.We do not own nor control the Research Data, therefore We do not check whether this data contains any personal or special categories of data and We do not treat it as such.

Whenever personal data is nevertheless part of Research Data, Customer is responsible for lawfulness of such processing as the data controller.

Sometimes your Account and Activity data processed by Us, may overlap with Research Data in control of the Customer. For such cases your personal data processing may be different and your rights might be limited (e.g. we cannot execute your right to be forgotten and delete your e-mail upon your request, if this e-mail is a vital part of Research Data processing under authority and control of Customer). For more details on processing of Research Data and your related rights and obligations as a User, please refer to Our Terms of Service.


We do not knowingly collect any personal data that falls under the scope of special categories, such as racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, and the processing of genetic data, biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying a natural person, data concerning health or data concerning a natural person’s sex life or sexual orientation.


All personal data categories that we process may in addition to their primary purpose described in article 3 be used for direct marketing purpose where applicable.

Please keep in mind that We may use your personal data for direct marketing purposes, such as communication related to Our Software(s) and Service(s) we believe may be of interest to you. You are free to opt-out and unsubscribe from such communications at any time.

Processing based on direct marketing purpose includes: communication regarding tips and tricks that help you use SciNote ELN, educational content, invitations to events, market research, user engagement, providing feedback and loyalty programs, market research participation requests, segmentation, as well as promotional content like special offers and discounts or introduction of Plans we believe might interest you. The communication and communication channels might be different based on personal data we process about you. For example, we may provide you with different educational content based on your Account activity or send you different use-cases based on your field of work.

The duration of processing depends on the legal basis and purpose that it was collected for. The data collected and processed solely on the basis of performance of the contract are processed until Contract termination. The data collected on the basis of legitimate interest are processed until we evaluate that the purpose is no longer present. For example, we retain the right to keep your data in the tools we used for processing such data even after you terminate the contract for business optimization purposes (for example, keep the correspondence communication management tools even after you are no longer a User).

Personal data processing which is based on consent, shall be processed until you remove your consent.


We process your personal data with the help of our corporate affiliates, contractors, agents and consultants (“Affiliates”), as well as with the help of some third-party services and tools (“Subcontractors”). Examples of subcontractors are tools and services that include, but are not limited to the following categories:

– subcontracting some of our Services

– managing our support or business and customer relationships

– optimizing our products and websites

– managing business operations

If you are located in the EU, please note that Since both Us and many Our data processors come from outside EU, you are transferring your personal data outside of EU.

Nevertheless, We make sure the same standard for personal data protecting is used by Our data processors with a data processing addendum signed between Us and them when applicable and available, where the latest EU privacy law requirements (GDPR) are addressed. Most of Our data processor are also Privacy Shield Certified, which serves as an additional level of protection when it comes to your personal data. For more information on how to learn more about the appropriate safeguards, you can contact Us on .


You have control over your personal data with the help of rights granted to you under GDPR (not applicable for individuals that do not have these right granted by legislation applicable to them):

  • The right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority designated for your EU member state;
  • The right to request from us, the controller, access to and rectification or erasure of personal data or restriction of processing;
  • The right to object to processing as well as the right to data portability, if applicable.

We are committed to give you Our full support regarding all issues and questions that you might have about your personal data. Feel free to address them to  and We will make it Our priority to respond in the shortest possible time.

This Privacy Policy shall come into effect on April 20th 2020, replacing any previous privacy policy.