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Learn more about ELNs, lab digitalization, the internet of things and laboratory compliance.

Webinar: How to transition to an ELN?

Hosted on the 24th of March, 2021.

EnviroLogix’s, NEUWAY Pharma’s and SciNote’s discussion with practical advice for industry labs.

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SciNote & FDA webinar: Lab software and compliance

Hosted on December, 14th, 2020

During the webinar we cover: 

  • Technical aspects, setting up systems, making sure that they work, looking at capabilities of the software solutions etc.
  • How to acquire a software for your lab and meet the compliance requirements?
  • Q&A session
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Download your ELN Workbook with SciNote and FDA webinar highlights and best practices.

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SciNote & FDA workbook
SciNote webinar: The internet of things & your connected lab

Hosted on October, 6th, 2020

During the webinar we cover:

  • Digitalization process in the analytical lab – Implementing three leading platforms: electronic lab notebook, global protocol repository and smart pipettes
  • Round table discussion about the practicality of IoT and how every lab (no matter how small it is) can start implementing IoT practices for free
  • Q&A Session
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SciNote Webinar: Go digital! How to do science without lab access?

Hosted on April, 28th, 2020

You will leave the webinar being ready to define your lab’s digitalization strategy and implement an ELN to maintain and grow your operations.

During the webinar we cover:

  • Addressing the current COVID-19 situation and challenges for labs
  • Why is the digital strategy a must for survival and competitive advantage
  • Round table discussion with 2 guests from academic & industry lab
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