New Brand Identity For SciNote to Reflect Our Mission – Empowering The Scientists blog

New Brand Identity For SciNote to Reflect Our Mission – Empowering The Scientists

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11 November 2019

SciNote LLC, one of the leading companies in the field of laboratory digitalization, whose product, an electronic lab notebook (ELN) is among the top 3 of its kind, is publishing its new brand identity today.

The update in the SciNote ‘s brand reflects the company’s growth from a new player on the market in 2016, to a professional leader supported by 60k+ scientists in over 100 countries in 2019.

Gilson Inc. is collaborating with SciNote since the company’s beginning because of their vision: empowering the scientist. Over the years, people at SciNote have shown incredible dedication and focus on that goal. They developed an electronic lab notebook that really helps the researchers in their daily life. Taking the vision further and connecting SciNote’s interface with Gilson’s connected lab bench system and connected pipettes has been lots of fun. Primarily because of SciNote team’s incredible creativity, but also very efficient and professional approach, great way of managing integration projects and their understanding of the world of science. The team at SciNote consists of exceptional individuals with great team spirit and aiming for a higher purpose! Very inspiring to collaborate with them. Can’t wait for our next development with SciNote! ” – states Nicolas Paris, CEO of Gilson Inc.

SciNote started off by conducting one of the largest studies on ELN adoption in labs. Based on the findings of the study, the team developed a product whose flexibility can support researchers in academia and industry, to enhance the traceability of their research and fight the reproducibility crisis science is facing today.

“Our planet is facing many complex challenges, which can only be resolved by the best minds among us working together. Therefore, we as scientists have great responsibility of making our data available to others. Not just findings, but actual research data, regardless of whether we want to make it publicly available or just within an organization. To enable the scientific community to build upon our research, data needs to be collected in a systematic manner, interconnected with its sources and stored in a unified fashion “, emphasizes Klemen Zupancic, PhD, CEO of SciNote.

Electronic lab notebooks play an important role, because with time, they developed into platforms that offer much more than regular note keeping functionalities. They support scientific work with comprehensive data management, inventory management and team collaboration capabilities. Such software can support the laboratories in meeting the GLP, 21 CFR Part 11, and even FAIR principles requirements.

There is a higher vision behind creating the excellent software that will be able to adapt and support the way in which science is being done, and it emphasizes the connectivity between different systems. SciNote team already introduced the benefits of internet of things (IoT) to their users, by offering the SciNote API which allows labs to connect SciNote to their lab instruments and systems. Also, SciNote is a part of Gilson IoT which connects Gilson’s bluetooth enabled pipettes, Pipette Pilot application to guide and help scientists while pipetting, and SciNote to keep all records in one place. In addition, SciNote is seamlessly integrated with, a collaborative research platform that is taking the process of scientific discovery to the next level by allowing researchers to share protocols, communicate possible corrections and optimize research methods.

“The team from SciNote reached out to us even before they launched, back in 2015. And since 2015, collaborating with the SciNote team has been an absolute pleasure. They became the first electronic lab notebook to connect to, which is kind of remarkable for a new platform. What struck me the most is that the decision to connect from the SciNote side was not driven by market analysis or growth strategy — it was driven by a long-term vision of how science platforms should work and how to serve scientists”, Lenny Teytelman, CEO of explains.

Besides good software, there is another quality of the team that the scientific community keeps pointing out and SciNote’s 90% customer satisfaction rate clearly proves, and that is the personalized and holistic approach to support each lab’s needs from the very start to the overall successful implementation of SciNote. SciNote’s customer support is a top rated and highly praised among their clients, especially their personalized onboardings with scientific implementation specialists.

“Besides good software, SciNote is mainly the team who works for the common goal every day. We are the faces behind the brand and we work for real people, amazing scientists. So, our brand strives to communicate transparently in all aspects. Our new style is based on conversations, interviews and feedback from both our internal team and amazing SciNote users who contributed their ideas and suggestions”, Dunja Kristan, brand manager at SciNote concludes.

By Tea Pavlek, SciNote LLC