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Are You Ready To Receive Credit for All Your Research?

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SciNote electronic lab notebook and figshare are working on an integration. In the near future, users of SciNote will be able to upload their files directly to figshare, a cloud-based research repository primarily focused on sharing, storing, and discovering supplementary data.

This platform allows its users to share their research outputs with the scientific community, keep the ownership of the data and get credit for their work. Figshare enables academics to upload different types of files that support their scientific articles; even negative and null results can provide extra citations. Sharing your files on figshare adds exposure and persistence to your data.

The story behind figshare, a digital repository that helps your research to be recognized and cited

figshare was founded in 2011 when Mark Hahnel, a stem cell biologist at Imperial College London, was looking for a way to share videos he made of moving cells. At the time, this type of supplementary material didn’t fit into existing academic publisher workflows. figshare now helps publishers embed widgets into their article pages to display videos and other supplementary data files.

publisher example-v1

Alongside supporting publishers, figshare offers data repositories to institutions. Researchers can create projects to collaborate with colleagues inside and outside the institution, create branded subpages for research groups, departments, conferences, and more.

figshare is available for all researchers to use, free of charge. You can upload any file type to figshare in order to:

  • Get a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) – this provides a persistent place to reference your data
  • Get a snapshot of how your file has changed over time through versioning of the item
  • Attribute a reuse license to your data
  • Preview your data on the item page without having to login and/or download the item
  • Track views, downloads, citations, and Altmetrics of your data

Figshare supports over 1,000 different file types

Once your data is organized and stored within sciNote, it is easy to choose which files you would like to upload to figshare. figshare previews over 1,000 different file types in the browser, from datasets and papers to 3D, Gephi, and KML files.

spinny molecule-v1

Below are some examples of what people are uploading to figshare:

Keep an eye to your inbox, we will let you know when the integration between sciNote and figshare will be in action.

By Megan Hardeman