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SciNote’s Mobile app is now available to all SciNote users

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We strive to improve your mobile experience, especially on the lab bench. The first release of our mobile app allows you to go through the task protocol, conveniently focusing on the current step, marking it as done and moving to the next step.

This app compliments your SciNote account and helps you take SciNote to the lab bench on your phone or tablet and focus on the steps that need to be done at the bench.

Using the app is easy

Open this link on your smartphone or tablet, or log into SciNote on your touch device, open one of your tasks and SciNote will invite you to install the web app. You can also find the installation link below:

Install the app on your mobile device

sciM.QRcode transp

1. Install

Our app has an Install button that adds the SciNote icon to the home screen of your device. Now it’s easy to run it from your home screen.

After you install the app this way, it will remember the last screen where you’ve left it, so that you can immediately return to your protocol the next time.

2. Navigate to the task

During the first run the app will ask you the address of your SciNote instance. The next step is to login to SciNote through the app. Immediately after that you’ll see your SciNote team(s).

The rest is easy: to open your task, select the team, the project, the experiment and finally select your task. Opening the task will direct you to the first protocol step.

3. Run the protocol steps

This is the main part of the current release. Each step of your protocol will be shown on a separate screen.

At the bottom of the step content you’ll have the Attachments section. It lists all files attached to the current step. To download & open the file, click it.

Below the Attachments you’ll see the Complete step button. It marks the step as completed. This action can be reversed.

At the bottom of the screen you’ll see the toolbar:

App buttons

To view the whole list of steps in the current Protocol and quickly switch to any of them, tap the Steps button. The Steps menu also has the Back to Experiment tasks button, that will bring you back to the task-list of the current experiment.

To perform the Protocol step by step, complete one step and go to the next one by tapping the Next step button.

If you want to return to the previous step, the Prev. step is at your service.

Need to take a break from your protocol routine? Just close the app: it will save your current position. But if you are in doubt, tap the Pause button, it will remind you that you can easily take a break, no worries, we’ve got your back :)

On the last step of the protocol you will see the Exit button instead of the Next step. When you complete this task, tap it to return to the task-list of the current experiment.

Install the app on your mobile device

sciM.QRcode transp

Under the hood

The app is a progressive web app (PWA), not your typical Android or iOS — even better, it works on all devices. Known side effect: it can be installed even on Windows and macOS with Chrome Desktop.

Feedback and your opinion

We will be actively developing the app further. If you have feedback for us, or would like to contribute an idea, feel free to let us know at .

We will be reading every response. Your honest feedback helps us make SciNote better for you and your team.

Your SciNote Team