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Big Interest in SciNote at Korea Lab 2019

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For the first time since our launch, SciNote team packed their bags and went to the Far East. More precisely to Korea Lab, the biggest exhibition for the analytical & laboratory equipment, and biotechnology in Korea. The place where makers, suppliers, specialists for the physics, chemistry and biotechnology industry from all over the world gather to discuss new trends in technology.

Korea Lab was the perfect starting point for SciNote’s breakthrough on Asian market as it attracted more than 15.000 attendees from all around the globe. Most of them from Korea, Japan, China and India.

We were pleasantly surprised by the cultural differences that we noticed, since we had a completely different product promotion in comparison to other asian companies. The concept of digital lab notebook is not broadly spread in these regions as most of laboratories still use OneNote or Excel for their scientific data management. Therefore the interest in SciNote was big, especially in the newest image annotations feature and API access.

We were most excited to have met all of you who stopped by our booth and expressed your interest in SciNote. That gave us motivation to adapt our software to the needs of Korean users and other asian countries. We left Korea with valuable insight, so 고맙습니다 (thank you)!

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Our attendance at Korea Lab 2019 was co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union, from the European Regional Development Fund.

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