It Is Never Too Early To Start Using an Electronic Lab Notebook

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Technology adoption should start early in the education process. The use of electronic lab notebooks for managing data, organizing work, writing reports and better collaboration can easily begin in high school and continue all the way through university and further career. Science is going digital, just like all other aspects of our lives and young generations will need to learn how to cope with growing amounts of digital data.

The use of electronic lab notebooks can tackle major parts of today’s scientific practice. Students can learn how to organize their work on projects and collaborate with other peers, while professors can oversee the activity logs of their students and add comments to their work. Experiments can be designed and protocols can be defined by professors or even students themselves. In a way, professors can use the electronic lab notebooks to teach their students about good laboratory practice, data traceability requirements and the importance of team collaboration when doing science. These are important aspects of scientific careers that students will have to face eventually.

“SciNote is an incredibly wonderful resource that opens up tons of possibilities for collaboration on experiments. I honestly wish that I had had a resource like this when I was teaching high school biology because I think it would have been enormously beneficial. Plus it’s a great way to give students a look into how science in the field is shifting in the digital age.” SciNote review by Michael Karlin – The Ed Tech Round Up

Read the full review on how to use SciNote in the classrooms: SciNote: A Free Digital Lab Notebook for High School Science Class

At SciNote, we understand that as a professor or a PI you should always have a good overview over students‘ lab work. On the other hand we believe that students should be in touch with the latest digital solutions that enable them to get used to the good laboratory practice, project management, handling research data and meeting deadlines.

That is why SciNote offers special Free PIs and Students Plan (no worries, there are no hidden costs). If you would like to learn more about it, feel free to contact our support team anytime:


By Tea Pavlek, MSc