SciNote’s Mobile App

Follow your protocols at the bench with SciNote’s electronic lab notebook mobile application that assists your lab work.

Open this page on your smartphone or tablet and click here:

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Tech Specs

The app is a progressive web app (PWA), not your typical Android or iOS — even better, it works on all devices (You are probably already using other similar apps such as Twitter, Starbucks, Washington Post, Forbes etc.). 

Known side effect: it can be installed even on Windows and macOS with Chrome Desktop. 

It is highly recommended that you use this app on your smartphone or tablet as it is optimized to be used on such devices.

How to use this app?

This app compliments your SciNote account and helps you take SciNote to the lab bench on your phone and focus on the steps that need to be done at the bench. 

It allows you to go through the task protocol, conveniently focusing on the current step, marking it as done and moving to the next step. 

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Feedback and your opinion

We will be actively developing the app further. If you have feedback for us, or would like to contribute an idea, feel free to let us know at . We will be reading every response. 

SciNote app